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Manga Planet Offers Buyers Up to 12,000 Free Points with Bonus Points Campaign

Ikebukuro, Japan — Online manga reading service Manga Planet has launched its Bonus Points Campaign, which runs from 6:00 pm JST on October 31, 2023 to 11:59 pm JST on November 20, 2023. During the campaign period, readers who make a total purchase of 3,000 or more Manga Planet Points will get 200–12,000 bonus Points.

Eligible Points purchase quantities and corresponding bonus Points are as follows:

  • 3,000–4,999 Points: +200 bonus Points
  • 5,000–9,999 Points: +400 bonus Points
  • 10,000–29,999 Points: +900 bonus Points
  • 30,000–49,999 Points: +3,000 bonus Points
  • 50,000–99,999 Points: +5,500 bonus Points
  • 100,000 or more Points: +12,000 bonus Points

Bonus Points will be distributed accordingly to eligible users from November 21, 2023 onward.

Each Point is worth US$0.01 (1 cent) and can be purchased in packages starting at 300 Points via PayPal or Stripe.

Purchased and bonus Points alike have a maximum validity period of 180 days from the date of purchase. Regardless of reason, Points are non-refundable, and their validity period cannot be extended.

Introduced in 2022, Points can be used to digitally rent or purchase titles on Manga Planet’s library. Accessibility options for titles on Manga Planet vary according to publishers’ terms, with selected titles exclusively readable via Points. Additionally, selected titles have chapters or volumes readable as a preview via Manga Planet Pass (subscription plan), with the rest exclusively readable via Points.

About Manga Planet

Manga Planet started in 2012 as a joint project between FANTASISTA, INC. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. to research the ways manga is read throughout the world.

In 2019, Manga Planet launched the Boys’ Love (BL) subscription service futekiya Library, followed by the multi-genre Manga Planet Library in the same year. Both libraries were merged into one Manga Planet in April 2023.

Bridging the needs of international manga fans and the Japanese manga industry, Manga Planet pushes for affordable access to officially licensed English-language manga through multiple payment models: purchasing or renting titles through Points, or cost-effective reading through the subscription-based Manga Planet Pass.

Visit Manga Planet’s official website to find out more about its service, and start by signing up for free.