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Manga Planet Licenses 5 New Romance Manga from OHZORA Publishing!

Ikebukuro, Japan – Manga Planet is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the following romance manga titles* from OHZORA Publishing Co.,Ltd!

Bitter Sweet

Story and Art: Nene Yamaguchi

“Bittersweet”: Ever since she was young, Sana has been made fun of for being taller than her peers. Fortunately, most people don’t make mean comments about her appearance anymore… most. Kouhei, a regular customer at her cafe, knows exactly how to make her tick. But Sana knows how to defend herself now: fight fire with fire!

For some reason, Kouhei unlocks a comfort in Sana that lets her let loose. Maybe he can unlock even more feelings in Sana…?

“Lolita Battle”: Karin is finally going to do it. She will overcome her lifelong fear of being rejected by her first love, a lawyer named Tooru, who used to be her babysitter. Although Karin set her heart up for the worst, she could have never imagined his REASON… How could she have known that she’d missed her timing by ten years!?

Kunikida-Shacho no Yuuga na Choukyou

Story and Art: Riko Yuuki

Mei Hoshino wants to be loved by a gorgeous gentleman-like in romance novels. What she didn’t expect was for the President of her company to be exactly that…!

Mei is a beauty consultant for a widely successful cosmetics maker. Not only is she a consultant, but she is also the season’s most requested employee by customers in the salon, earning her the reward of an elegant lunch with President Kunikida himself! Mei can’t believe that the gorgeous gentleman of her dreams actually exists. She also can’t believe she dared to ask him to a one-night stand…!

Yakuza to Hanabira

Story and Art: Tsumika Abe

“Yakuza and Flowers”: Saki Ogawa lives a similar life to the flowers she tends to: she wakes up in the morning, is active while the sun is out, then goes to sleep at night to repeat it all the next day. So when she goes to a nightclub for a delivery, Saki enters a new world full of allure and mystique. The nightclub owner Renji Kanamori is just that: alluring and mysterious. Saki can only imagine all of the shady business he must conduct. At least she won’t have anything to do with him…!

“The Triangle Fighter”: Hana and Rui have been dating for three years. And yet… they haven’t been able to go all the way. Every time they get close, Hana instinctively throws hands as if she were in the ring… Rui’s learned to dodge them lately, but the couple won’t be able to avoid talking about it forever!

Koi to BL-Danyuu to Sharehouse

Story and Art: Namiko Nanba

Kyoka has a hard time looking people in the eye. She is shy and has never had any friends. But when she moves into a lively sharehouse with fun and cheery housemates, Kyoka slowly learns how to come out of her shell.

Though Kyoka admires each of her housemates, she especially looks up to Nozomi Harada, a BL actor who lives in the room next to hers. He is beautifully radiant and lights up any room. But even the sparkling actor can get gloomy sometimes. Will Kyoka be able to light a spark within Nozomi again…?

Mitsuya no Bara ni Kuchizuke wo

Story and Art: Mick Takeuchi

Holly Colette has snuck into the Granville Castle, but not maliciously. Quite the contrary, Holly Colette has snuck into the Granville Castle because she wants to hand-deliver a letter to the man who saved her life.

Holly spent a part of her childhood in the castle but has not been back since she left for school ten years earlier. Her memory is hazy, but… oh yes! This must be his room…!

While waiting, Holly dozes off and… wakes up to her rescuer mistaking her for his bride!? Holly is about to learn the truth about the old castle and her savior, the mysterious Gideon Granville..!

*English titles and release dates to be announced later.

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