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Maaya Sakamoto’s nationwide tour will be screened in theaters.

The final performance of Maaya Sakamoto’s nationwide tour “Maaya Sakamoto Acoustic Live & Talk 2020” held in 2020 will be screened at 6 theaters nationwide in Japan for 3 days from May 6th to 8th.

This theater screening is a project to commemorate the release of Sakamoto’s double-sided A-side single “Kaoru / I can’t make words” on May 25th. 

What will be screened is a edited version of the video recorded on the Blu-ray of the first limited edition of the single, with a 5.1ch surround mix. Visitors will receive an original message card as a gift.

Maaya Sakamoto Acoustic Live & Talk 2020-5.1ch Surround Edition

Screening period: May 6th (Fri), 7th (Sat), 8th (Sun), 2022
Screening time: 18: 30- (common for 3 days)
Screening hall:
・ Hokkaido United Cinema Sapporo
・ Tokyo United ・Cinema Toyosu
/ Aichi Prefecture Midland Square Cinema
/ Osaka Prefecture Namba Parks Cinema
/ Fukuoka Prefecture United Cinema Canal City 13
* Scheduled to be screened in Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City (Tohoku region)

Website: Maaya Sakamoto Official web site [ID]

source: natalie