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“Maaya Sakamoto and Shigeru Kishida” sings the OP & ED song for the anime “Deaimon”

The broadcast start date of the TV anime ” Deaimon” based on Rin Asano has been decided on April 6th. In addition to the second visual release, the opening theme and ending theme were also announced.

The opening theme is “菫” by Maaya Sakamoto. Sakamoto wrote the lyrics, and the songs are provided by Kyoto-born rock band Quruli ‘s vocalist and guitarist Shigeru Kishida . It was also announced that Sakamoto will appear in Mari Yukihira, the mother of the heroine Kazuka Yukihira. The ending theme is “The Promise Here” by Deaimon, a special unit consisting of female singer-songwriter ayaho living in Kyoto and Junichi Soga, who handles the sounds of numerous artists. A video of “Deaimon” using “Promise here” has also arrived. Comments have also arrived from each artist.

Furthermore, on March 19th, a preliminary screening of “Deaimon” will be held at EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku in Tokyo. In addition to the screenings of episodes 1 and 2, there will also be a talk show by Nobunaga Shimazaki, who plays Kazuka Nano, Kozue Yuki, who plays Kazuka Yukihira, Sayaka Ohara, who plays Tomiki Nano, and Fumitoshi Oizaki. Details will be announced on the official website of “Deaimon” at a later date, so don’t miss it.

“Deaimon” went to Tokyo dreaming of a musician, but when his father was hospitalized, he decided to take over the Japanese sweets shop Midorimatsu in Kyoto. A heart-warming story centered around a girl, Kazuka Yukihira. The original is being serialized in Young Ace (KADOKAWA).

Comment from Maaya Sakamoto

About “Viola”

Maaya Sakamoto

I will sing the theme song “菫” of “Deaimon”.
I asked Shigeru Kishida of Quruli, my favorite band for the song, and I wrote the lyrics. A warm and gentle melody drawn by Mr. Kishida from Kyoto, as if the scenery seen from the “Midorimatsu” store was cut out.
A wonderful song was born that was close to this story . Violets are familiar flowers that you often see, and you can also see them in the gaps in concrete. It’s a small existence that you would overlook if you don’t pay attention to it, but it’s actually very powerful and blooms in close proximity. I gave this title by superimposing the activities of human beings on the appearance of such flowers. Please look forward to it on the air.

Enthusiasm for broadcasting

I am very happy to be able to participate as part of this favorite story. The truth is that Ichika and Midorimatsu, who live in Kyoto and have many seasons with Japanese sweets, have a slightly different atmosphere. Please look forward to seeing how Ichika is involved.

Comment from Shigeru Kishida

Shigeru Kishida

The highlight of “Viola”

Very good song, great lyrics and performance.

About Maaya Sakamoto’s songs and lyrics

The vocalization of Maaya who sings the beautiful diffusion of energy like the ripples when water drops fall is just wonderful. The words that gently snuggle up to us living in this era while having the strength of a fetal movement are the great charm of this song.

Impressions of reading “Deaimon”

Many of my classmates are Japanese sweets shops, so I enjoyed reading it as a familiar theme. When I was a student, I also worked part-time at a Japanese sweets shop. “Deaimon” is very attractive because both the character and the story have a human touch.

Check out the Video below!

TV animation “Deaimon” Bansen video [broadcast in April 2022]

Link: TV anime “Deaimon” official website

YouTube: KADOKAWAanime

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