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“Love is difficult for Otaku” will be on live stage!

Fujita ‘s “Love is difficult for Otaku” has been decided to be staged. Starring Kazumi Doi and Marina Horiuchi .

“Love is difficult for otaku” is a romantic comedy about a clumsy romance between otaku, such as the hidden rot girl OL Momose Narumi and Hirotaka Nito, a talented but serious game otaku who looks good. After being released on pixiv in 2014, it was serialized on the web manga site comic POOL until 2021, and was made into a TV animation in 2018 and a live-action movie in 2020.

The stage will be performed at the Theater Sun Mall in Tokyo from May 11th to 15th. Kazumi Doi will play the role of Hirotaka Nito, Marina Horiuchi will play the role of Narumi Momose, Ken Ogasawara will play the role of Taro Kabakura, Rio Tsubaki will play the role of Hanako Koyanagi, and Yuki Sakurajo will play the role of Hirotaka’s younger brother Naoya. The role was played by Soyori Odagawa . Mizuki Sano will be in charge of the production , and Masafumi Hata will be in charge of the script . Stay tuned for more details, including ticket sales.

Stage “Love is difficult for Otaku”

Period: May 11th (Wednesday) -May 15th (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Theater Sun Mall


Original: “Love is difficult for Otaku” ( written by Fujita , published by Ichijinsha)
Director: Mizuki Sano
Screenplay: Masafumi Hata
Production: Contra, Alice


Hirotaka Nito: Kazumi Doi
Narumi Momose: Marina Horiuchi
Taro Kabakura : Ken Ogasawara
Hanako Koyanagi: Rio Tsubaki
Naoya Nito: Yuki
Sakuragi Hikaru: Soyori Odagawa

source: natalie