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LiSA releases teaser for acoustic live “unlasting shadow”

The teaser for LiSA ‘s video work “LiVE is Smile Always ~ unlasting shadow ~ at Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)” released on April 13 has been released on YouTube.

This video work includes the acoustic one-man live that LiSA held in February last year at Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) in Tokyo. The teaser is a content that you can feel the heightened emotions of LiSA for the live performance. Along with the teaser, the first-come-first-served bonus clear file and tote bag design were also released.

LiSA 『LiVE is Smile Always~unlasting shadow~ at Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)』 -Teaser-


YouTube: LiSA Official YouTube

Source: natalie