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LiSA as an ambassador for “Pureral Gumi”

LiSA is appointed as an ambassador for Kabaya Foods’ “Pureral Gumi pina! Pine” released on May 31st. She has appeared in a commercial for the same product.

“Pureral Gumi pina! Pine” campaign announcement visual

In the commercial, LiSA, which Pureral Gumi describes as “healing and happiness” for herself, is a video that captures the moment when she is tasting Pureral Gumi. Also, on June 1st, the song “Shifukunotoki” used in the commercial will be released for distribution. This song is a message song that is close to each listener’s daily life, considering the moment of eating Pureral Gumi as the moment of bliss and the moment of returning to oneself as “the time of plain clothes”.

In addition, they are currently conducting a campaign to receive autographed goods from LiSA. 

Check the special page of the campaign for details.

Links: Shifukunotoki , Pureral Gumi | Kabaya Foods Co., Ltd. , Pureral Gumi x LiSA Soft Time Campaign | Kabaya Foods Co., Ltd.

Source: natalie