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LiSA appears at the Stage Greeting of the Osaka Minions Theater

To commemorate the release of the movie ” Minions Fever “, the Minions Theater will open at TOHO Cinemas Namba in Osaka from August 19th to 21st. LiSA will appear at a special stage greeting event held at the same venue on August 19th.

The Minions Theater is a limited-time theater that opened in Tokyo and TOHO Cinemas Shibuya in July. During the period, the seat of the seat will be a special specification filled with minion characters. The stage greeting was held to celebrate the opening of the Minions Theater in Osaka. 

In addition, during the opening period of the Minions Theater, a collaboration video with the anime “Kamito Rope” featuring LiSA and Minions will be screened, and original goods such as LiSA’s collaboration stuffed animals will be sold only at the venue.

LiSA and Minions characters.

Ticket Pia will start accepting pre-order tickets for the stage greeting at 0:00 on August 9th.

“Minions Fever” Minions Theater in Namba opens for a limited time! <A big hit is being screened!>

Movie “Minions Fever” stage greeting

Date: August 19, 2022 (Friday) 10:30
Venue: TOHO Cinemas Namba, Osaka
*Stage greetings will be held before the start of the screening.

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