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Lights, Camera, Cosplay Pop-Up Photo Studio

For the first time ever, experience this unbelievable pop-up photo studio only at?Cosplay Carnival 2022 (OFFICIAL)? courtesy of District 1 Cosplay Studio! Take as many photos as you want in this amazing photo studio for up to 5 minutes for as little as P50! Plus, you can win great prizes including a 1-hour photo studio session for you and your friends in the ?Lights, Camera, Cosplay? Contest.

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Light’s Camera, Cosplay Mechanics

Photo Studio Rates

Price for using the Pop-Up Photo Studio (includes backdrop, props, studio lights, etc.) is as follows:

P50 for 5 minutes for 1 Cosplayer
Any additional cosplayer is an additional P30 for the first 5 minutes
1 Photographer in addition to any number of Cosplayers is FREE

P20 per Cosplayer for each additional minute above 5 minutes

(ie. 2 Cosplayers + 1 Photographer using the Studio for 5 minutes is P80 plus P40 per additional minute.)

Photo Studio Mockup


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