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Konomi Suzuki will hold a live concert for her 10th-anniversary debut and more!

A one-man live “10th Anniversary Live ~ LOVELY HOUR ~” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Konomi Suzuki’s debut will be held on October 1st at the Hibiya Park Concert Hall (Hibiya Noon) in Tokyo.

Suzuki debuted with the single “CHOIR JAIL” in April 2012 and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. This is the second time she has held a live concert at the Hibiya Park Concert Hall for first time in about 4 years and 5 months. 

Her fan club is accepting advance ticket lottery reservations until July 10.

“Konomi Suzuki 10th Anniversary Live ~ LOVELY HOUR ~” announcement image

Also, Suzuki announced on July 1 that it will establish a private office, Ichiichigo Co., Ltd., and start management operations together with CAT entertainment Co., Ltd.

Suzuki Konomi Comment

Thank you everyone for your support!
This time, “115 Co., Ltd.” was launched and became independent.
I multiplied my birthday with the meaning of “I’m always good (11) I’m going to start (5) “.
I would like to keep in mind what I have received so far, join hands with CAT entertainment, and expand my life as a singer.

And on October 1st,” 10th Anniversary Live ~ LOVELY HOUR ~ “was also decided!
This is I’m very excited
about my first in-house business after establishing a company, but I will continue to deliver the stage that I think is as good as possible.
I hope you will receive this moment directly! Stay tuned for more!

Konomi Suzuki 10th Anniversary Live ~ LOVELY HOUR ~

Saturday, October 1, 2022, Hibiya Park Grand Concert Hall, Tokyo (Hibiya Noon)


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