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“Kizuna Ai” gathered Virtual DJ for The Last Live hello, world 2022

Seven “virtual DJs” will appear in the “Kizuna AI The Last Live” hello, world 2022 ” will be held online by Kizuna AI on Saturday, February 26th

Seven people, Virtual Yasutaka Nakata, Virtual Yunomi, Virtual TeddyLoid, Virtual DÉ DÉ MOUSE, Virtual DJ TORA, Virtual Moe Shop, and Virtual Avec Avec, will appear. In addition to Kizuna AI and them, 1809 Vtubers will appear in the live performance.

The collaboration song “never stop my beat” by Kizuna AI and DJ TORA was released today on February 18th. On YouTube, the music video of this song produced in tie-up with Energy Drink ZONE is being released.

Check out the video below:

[MV]Kizuna AI, DJ TORA / never stop my beat supported by ZONe


Source: natalie