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“Jojo” x NEW ERA’s collaboration caps

A collaboration cap between the anime “Jojo ‘s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean ” based on Hirohiko Araki and NEW ERA will be released.

From the “9 FIFTY (TM) model”, there are two types, “JOTARO PURPLE” with Jotaro Kujo’s costume as a motif and “STONE OCEAN LOGO BLACK” with the “Stone Ocean” logo embroidered. From the “Low Profile 9 FIFTY (TM) model”, “JOLYNE BLACK” embroidered the mugshot board she had when Jolyne Cujoh was taken to the State Green Dolphin Street Heavy Guard Prison. All one kind of “was developed.

From the “9 THIRTY (TM) model”, “STONE OCEAN LOGO KHAKI” with the “Stone Ocean” logo embroidered and “STONE OCEAN LOGO KHAKI” with the green image of Jolyne as the base color, and the butterfly motif on the chest of her costume are designed. All 2 types of “JOLYNE GREEN” are now available. The “9 FORTY (TM) model” is a lineup of all “JOTARO BEIGE” with the hand motif attached to Jotaro’s hat embroidered.

The price is 7150 yen each including tax for the “9FIFTY (TM) model” and “Low Profile 9FIFTY (TM) model”, and 6050 yen each including tax for the “9THIRTY (TM) model” and “9FORTY (TM) model”. Online shop Premium Bandai will accept reservations from May 30th today, and the products will be shipped in November.

Link: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean [NEW ERA] 9THIRTY Model

source: natalie