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IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD tickets will be released on Feb 11th

It was announced that the second movie advance ticket with benefits for the theater live ” IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD ” will be released on February 11th.

“Theatrical version IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD” is the first theater live of “IDOLiSH7” produced by Orange. The 6th part of the app’s main story, “IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale, and ZOOL gather together for a dream live with 16 people” is depicted. Released nationwide on May 20th.

The bonus is a photo-style clear card that uses the solo visuals of the members of IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale, and ŹOOĻ. They are divided into two groups, A and B, of 8 types each, and for each movie ticket purchased, you will receive one at random from the selected group. In addition, on February 8th, reservations for the “Animate Limited Clear Bookmark Set with Movie Ticket Advance Ticket” will begin. The movie ticket and two clear bookmarks are a set, and you can choose your favorite two bookmarks from a total of 16 types.

“Theater version IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD”

Released on Saturday, May 20, 2023

main staff

Original: Bandai Namco Online, Bunta Tsushimi Director
: Hiroshi Nishikori , Kensuke Yamamoto
Screenplay: Bunta Tsushimi
Character draft: Arina Tanemura
CG chief director: Eiji Inomoto
Character design: Hitomi Miyazaki Director / Look Development: Yu Wakabayashi Editing : Michi Takigawa , Hitomi Sudo, Maki Sendo, Ayumi Yamagishi Distribution: Bandai Namco Film Works, Bandai Namco Online, Toei


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