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HYDE x “Tokyo Manji Revengers” Ken Wakui draws down Mikey

HYDE and Ken Wakui, a manga artist who is known as the author of “Tokyo Manji Revengers”, have decided to release collaboration goods “HYDE VS Mikey from Tokyo Manji Revengers”.

This collaboration happened when HYDE dressed up as Manjiro Sano, the main character Mikey who appears in “Tokyo Revengers” at the Halloween concert “20th Orchestra Concert HYDE Black Mass 2021 Halloween” hosted by HYDE in 2021. For this collaboration, Wakui drew an illustration of HYDE jumping high at the climax of the live, and Mikey making a pose known as “Eiyah” among fans.

There are 9 types of goods with illustrations by Wakui, including T-shirts, acrylic key chains, clear files, mods coats & Etc. “. Check the “VAMPROSE STORE” for details such as the shipping time.

Music Natalie is also posting a conversation between HYDE and Wakui in conjunction with the development of collaboration goods.


Source: natalie