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HYDE Solo 20th Anniversary Box Exhibit Oversized Coffin Panel at Tower Records Before Release

To commemorate the release of HYDE ‘s 20th anniversary box set “HYDE COMPLETE BOX 2001-2003” on January 29th, an exhibition plan will be held at 3 Tower Records stores on January 10th.

“HYDE COMPLETE BOX 2001-2003” includes the 1st solo album “ROENTGEN”, the English version of the same work “ROENTGEN.english”, the music video collection “ROENTGEN STORIES”, and the recordings in London, England.

A Blu-ray containing unreleased footage is included. Because this package is “coffin type box specification”, at Tower Records Shibuya store, Namba store, Nagoya Kintetsu Passe store, full size box, oversized coffin type panel, coffin attached as a privilege A sample of the type mirror will be exhibited. The exhibition period at each store is until February 5.

Source: Natalie