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“Hunter X Hunter” and Thank You Mart collaboration

The first collaboration between the anime “HUNTER x HUNTER” is based on Yoshihiro Togashi and Thank You Mart. It will be sold sequentially from mid-June at Thank You Mart stores and online shops.

The lineup includes 21 characters such as Gon, Kirua, Kurapika, and Leorio, and 50 items that incorporate their relationships into the design. Two patterns of designs, character illustrations and scene cuts from anime, were prepared. There are many items that fans will love, such as goods designed for Gon and Kirua to laugh at each other, items from Kirua’s younger sister, Arca, which was rarely commercialized, and products with the motif of the Phantom Troupe.

Announcement of a panel with a hidden message of hunter characters.

Also, during the sales period, a panel with a hidden message about hunter characters will appear at the Thank You Mart store. Furthermore, on the official Twitter of Thank You Mart (@thankyoumart), a gift campaign is being held to win a set of 3 collaboration items.

Link: Hunter Hunter | Thank You Mart , Thank You Mart (Official) (@thankyoumart) | Twitter

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