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Hikaru Utada announces all songs on new album

Hikaru Utada pre-distributed on January 19th, and all the songs included in the 8th original album “BAD Mode” released on CD on February 23rd have been announced.

The album contains a total of 10 songs, including the already announced tie-up songs and the new songs “BAD Mode”, “Not In The Mood”, and “Somewhere Near Marseilles”.  As a bonus track, the theme song “Beautiful World (Da Capo Version)” of the movie ” Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” and the Japanese version of “Find Love” and “Face My Fears” in English It also contains a version and a remix of “Face My Fears” by AG Cook.

Hikaru Utada “BAD Mode” First Press Limited Edition Image

In addition, the music video for the title song “BAD Mode” of the new album will be released for the first time during the main part of the live distribution “Hikaru Utada Live Sessions from Air Studios” to be held on January 19. The music video was directed by Joe Connor, who works on videos such as Sam Smith’s “Pray” and Coldplay “Everglow,” and YouTube has released a one-chorus video from the music video. Along with the above announcement, the design of the postcard of the album CD purchase privilege and the design of the memorial ticket presented to all the ticket purchasers of the live distribution were also released.

Furthermore, on April 27, in addition to the analog version of the new album “BAD Mode”, it is also clear that the analog version of the albums “ULTRA BLUE”, “HEART STATION” and “Fantôme” will be released. 

The encore press of the analog version of “Hatsukoi” has also been decided, and the analog version of the albums “First Love”, “Distance” and “DEEP RIVER” will be reissued on March 10.

宇多田ヒカル『BADモード』MV (Short Version)

Hikaru Utada “BAD Mode” contents


01. BAD Mode
02. I’m crazy about you
03. One Last Kiss
05. Time
06. I’m not in the mood
07. I don’t tell anyone
08. Find Love
09. Face My Fears (Japanese Version)
10. Somewhere Near Marseilles-Marseilles-
<Bonus Track>
11. Beautiful World (Da Capo Version)
12. Beautiful People (Find Love)
13. Face My Fears (English Version)
14. Face My Fears (AG Cook Remix)

DVD / Blu-ray included with the first limited edition

Hikaru Utada Live · Sessions From Air Studios
· Behind The Scene “Hikaru Utada Live Sessions From Air Studios”
· Music Videos
01. Time
02. One Last Kiss
04. you go crazy
05. BAD mode

Youtube: Hikaru Utada

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