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Hey! Say! Jump released an MV titled “I’m in Love”

The music video for Hey! Say! JUMP ‘s new song “Koi wo Suru da” will be premiered on YouTube

“I’m in love” is the theme song of the drama “My Cuteness Is About To Expiration !?” starring Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP) , which is being broadcast on TV Asahi’s “Oshidora Saturday” frame . 

A song from Say! JUMP’s triple A-side single “area / My Cuteness Is About To Love / Spring Gentori” released on May 25th. The MV consists of a drama part and a performance scene. The main character of the drama part is Kyoko Yoshine , who plays the heroine in “My cuteness is about to expire !?” Express love. 

The performance scene of Hey! Say! JUMP with a gorgeous set where Hanabuki dances is also a highlight.

Hey! Say! JUMP-I’m in love [Official Music Video with sound effects]

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YouTube: J Storm Official

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