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Genshin Impact 4.5

Latest updates on new patch

Hosting for the latest patch are the Chibi Aether, Chiori (the new 5-star character to be released on this patch), Kirara and Sucrose!

Here’s the latest on this upcoming 4.5 patch

  1. Featured Character Banners: 1st Phase and 2nd Phase (New 5-star character released in this patch)
    • 1st Phase character banners: Chiori (New 5 start GEO character) and Arataki Itto (rerun)
    • 2nd phase character banners: Neuvillette and Kazuha (5-star rerun)
  2. Character Story Quest: Cisoria Chapter 1: Chiori
  3. Hangout Event Series: Lynette
  4. New 5-star weapon Sword: Uraku Misugiri
  5. New Event wish banner called Chronicled Wish
  6. Events Patch for additional Primogems to earn for your Gacha addiction….. i mean, for getting extra funds for your Character and weapon pulls!
  7. TCG: New cards to collect!
  8. In-game feature: Character guide (for the newcomers in the game)
  9. Genshin Impact x Discovery Channel collab (Benefit event)
  10. Genshin Impact OST of Chenyu Vale

If you want to see the live stream update check out Genshin Impact on Twitch and their official YouTube channel.

You can also check out the preview page of 4.5

Twitch: GenshinImpactOfficial

YouTube: Genshin Impact

Websites: HoyoLab : Genshin.Mihoyo

*Disclaimer* the redemption code on the live stream has already expired as of this writing so you won’t be able to redeem it in-game

Bonus for you my Dear Readers!

Codes you can redeem (Some of you might have already redeem it)