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Genshin Impact 4.1

We Just started on the Fontaine patch, Let’s see what we are getting on the latest update!

It’s 4.1 and also The 3rd year Anniversary of Genshin Impact! Wow!

Hosting this live stream is Da Wei along with Hale (Combat Designer), Qi Le (Environment Designer), Helen (System Designer), and Micheal (Head of Marketing) to tell us more about the latest patch. Let’s dive more into the newest update!

New additions in the game:

  1. Featured Character banners: 1st Phase and 2nd Phase (No new 4 star characters released in this patch)
    • 5-star Neuvillette, and Rerun character Hutao
    • 5-star Wriothesley and Rerun character Venti
  2. 2 New Boss Enemy
  3. Archon Quest Chapter III and Characters Story Quest
  4. Events
  5. Overflowing Mastery for Talent Books in every nation of Teyvat
  6. New Weapons (Featured in the Weapon Banner)
  7. 2 New Areas to be unlocked (Liffey Region and Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Engineering Region)
  8. Adventure Rank and Ascension updates (For Easy Guide to new players of the game)
  9. Last but not least the 3rd year Anniversary Login rewards (Yes!!!! Free 10 pulls and 4 Fragile resin)

Details of the Adventure Rank Ascension Quest Hints with additional Guide in the Paimon Menu & Guide page of the Adventure Handbook. During the Ascenscion quest, time is reduced to clear the Domains and remove certain strong opponents to help new travellers complete ascension quests

Not only that, they’ve also made major adjustments to the Daily commissions.
so in Version 4.1, we’ll be introduced to the “Adventure Encounters” system. In this system, travellers can obtain Encounter points by completing quests, opening treasure chests, collecting items, and participating in events. Apart from completing the commissions, you’ll be able to exchange the accumulated “Encounter points” for commission rewards.

You can directly claim via the adventure book or still go to Katheryne to claim your daily rewards.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Trailer

If you want to see the live stream update check out Genshin Impact on Twitch before releasing it on their official Youtube Channel.

You can also check out the preview page of 4.1

Twitch: GenshinImpactOfficial

YouTube: Genshin Impact

Websites: HoyoLab : Genshin.Mihoyo

*Disclaimer* the redemption code on the live stream has already expired as of this writing so you won’t be able to redeem it in-game

As an additional for you my dear readers, here are some codes for you!