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Genshin Impact 3.8 Update!

We have a lot of things to unpack in this patch and it’s a lot!

We have a very different Opening and it’s a pop-up card-type storytelling, which is cute! Also our hosts on this Special Program are Chibi Aether, Klee (well she already small), Eula and Kokomi, oh! and let us not forget that the voice of Alice (Klee’s mother) is in the special program as a narrator.

New Features in the game:

  1. Rerun banners for Phase 1 is Eula and Klee and in Phase 2 will be Kokomi and Wanderer
  2. Free Character in this latest Event (Layla)
  3. New Character outfits for Klee and Kaeya
  4. Hangout event series: Kaeya
  5. New Limited Time event Map but the new map will be taking place in the desert area, sadly it’s not Golden Apple Archipelago (GAA for short) but a very cute Amusement park themed area
  6. Releasing a new Soundtrack of Shimmering Voyage
  7. Another Hoyofest is coming so watch out for any updates on their social media (offline and web events)
  8. Another update for TCG (new character cards)
  9. Finally got a lot more scenery from Fontaine!
Teyvat Style Outfit Teaser

If you want to see the live stream update check out Genshin Impact on Twitch before releasing it on their official Youtube Channel.

You can also check out the preview page of 3.8

Twitch: GenshinImpactOfficial

YouTube: Genshin Impact

Websites: HoyoLab : Genshin.Mihoyo

*Disclaimer* the redemption code on the live stream has already expired as of this writing so you won’t be able to redeem it in-game

Side Note:

This was not on the livestream but in Hoyolab regarding quality of life in game for Genshin Impact (It is still under development and is not indicative of the final product.)

The developers are also following up on the overall experience offered by the Quest system. First, we would like to share with everyone the optimizations coming in Version 3.8:

· Quest-tracking optimizations: When the objective is a certain distance from a Traveler’s current position, they can click Navigate to open the Map and orient themselves.

·Persistent tracking support for Daily Commissions

After the Version 3.8 update, Travelers will automatically track their next Commission Quest based on distance and other factors after completing their current Commission Quest.

· When the Hangout Events come to an end, you will gain the “Review Invitation” button in the Hangout Memory menu which will allow you to view the narrative checkpoints.

· Quest menu display optimizations: Adjusted the sorting rules for certain Quests and optimized how red dots are displayed.

After the Version 3.8 update, red dots will be displayed more intuitively and conveniently for Quests. At the same time, the rules for sorting the Archon Quests or certain other Quests will be optimized, allowing Travelers to discover their objectives faster.

You can check out more of the Developers discussion here.