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Genshin Impact 2.7 Update!

Check out the latest on Genshin Impact in case you missed it!

Finally, after a month, we’ve got updates on the 2.7 patch of Genshin Impact! We got a Livestream after a month of waiting for their previous announcement of new Characters on their official Twitter.

Version 2.7 Special Program

Hooray! We got updates on Genshin Impact 2.7, after the wait of a month it’s finally time to get busy with getting Freemogems! (uh….. I mean Primogems). New Events and New Characters are coming! Also, we’re gonna get some Collaboration from Genshin & Funko Pop! So excited about what’s in store in the new patch update!

New Features in the game:

  1. New 5 star & 4 Star Characters – Yelan & Kuki Shinobu
  2. 5 Star Weapon
  3. New Archon Quest & Hangout event
  4. Calibration options for different devices for the rhythm game
  5. System update on domains to optimize & strategize before starting the domain
  6. Character talents reference for talent priority recommendations

Also, we got some new trailers for the New Character Teaser of Yelan & the Version 2.7 “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” Trailer, Check it out!

Character Teaser – “Yelan: Inevitable Justice” | Genshin Impact

If you want to see the live stream update check out Genshin Impact on twitch before releasing it on their official Youtube Channel.

Twitch: GenshinImpactOfficial

YouTube: Genshin Impact

Websites: HoyoLab : Genshin.Mihoyo

*Disclaimer* the redemption code has already expired as of this writing so you won’t be able to redeem it in-game