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Genshin Impact 2.6 has no end date and a 2.7 patch delay

Genshin Impact 2.7 has been delayed and 2.6 doesn’t have any definite date when it will end.

As we all know that every new patch of Genshin Impact starts around the 2nd week of the month and before that we get news of the live stream 2-3 days prior to the latest update for the upcoming patch. Currently, we do not know when will 2.6 patch ends when there was no announcement of the live stream nor any updates from Hoyolab, Twitter, or the Genshin Impact website regarding the 2.7 Livestream.

The last time we got an update that is related to 2.7 was around March 28, 2022, via Genshin Impact Twitter, and the post was about the 2 new characters Yelan & Kuki Shinobu.

Left: Kuki Shinobu (Inazuma character) Right: Yelan (Liyue character)

Then we got an update from Hoyolab around April 29, 2022, regarding the delay of 2.7, Check the links below for more details: Notice of 2.7 delay

Now Hoyoverse is giving weekly compensation for the 2.7 delay update for all the players of Genshin Impact. They posted on May 6, 2022, on all their platforms even in-game news updates.

Compensation details: 2.7 Compensation Notice

The 2.7 Update witnessed an unprecedented delay due to the ongoing pandemic, but miHoYo is actively working to get the update out as early as possible.

Source: Hoyolab , Genshin Impact Twitter