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Genshin Impact 2.5 Updates

Check out the latest on Genshin Impact in case you missed it!

This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 2.5. It will also “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies! *Disclaimer* the redemption code already expired as of this writing so you won’t be able to redeem it in your game when you try.

2.5 Special Program hosted by the Voice actors of the Characters of Aether, Raiden Shogun & Yae Miko

Here is the Live stream from last Feb. 4,2022, Check it out!

2.5 Special Program | Genshin Impact

Coming back from hosting the special program are the voice actors of the characters Aether, Raiden Shogun & Yae Miko in their Chibi form.

We got a new playable character which everyone including myself who wants to get in the game for a long time now since she got featured in the Inazuma story quest, introducing “Yae Miko.” She will be the 1st and only banner of 2.5 in the 1st half, while in the 2nd half we will have the double banner rerun of Raiden Shogun & Sangonomiya Kokomi.

New features on the upcoming updates:

  1. New Character – Yae Miko
  2. Character Banners – a Solo and 2 rerun banners of Inazuma Characters
  3. New Weapons
  4. New Story Quests of Raiden Shogun & Yae Miko
  5. New Events (more freemogems to fuel our pulling addiction, just kidding!)
  6. New Boss & Enemies (Hard life and more pain for us Genshin Impact players)

We also got a bit of a sneak peek for the 2.6 on the special program and Mihoyo released a preview page for the 2.5 of Genshin Impact! Check the link: Genshin Impact version 2.5

This update gave us a lot so remember that Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact will be live on Feb. 16, 2022. Don’t forget to pre-install the update of the game before the said date of it coming live, also less hassle and more convenient for players to enter the game without having to wait for hours on the update.

If you want to see the live stream update check out Genshin Impact on twitch before they release it on their official Youtube Channel.

Twitch: GenshinImpactOfficial

YouTube: Genshin Impact

Websites: HoyoLab : Genshin.Mihoyo