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“Fruit Basket” to commemorate the screening of the new animation

Natsuki Takaya “Fruit Basket” full story free campaign is being held until January 26th at Manga Park, an app operated by Hakusensha.

Animation “Fruit Basket -prelude-” Visual

This is to commemorate the theater screening of the anime “Fruit Basket -prelude-” from February 18th. 

In “Fruit Basket -prelude-“, not only is the story of Tohru’s parents Kyoko and Katsuya visualized for the first time, but Takaya also draws “After Tohru and Katsuya” in completely new work. 

Before the release of “Fruit Basket -prelude-“, please review the story.

Check out the Prelude trailer of Fruits basket below!

“Fruit Basket -prelude-” Special Report <Released on February 18, 2022>

Anime “Fruit Basket -prelude-“

Screening at theaters nationwide from February 18, 2022 (Friday)

YouTube: avex pictures

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