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Dragon Ball Z x Thank You Mart Collaboration

A new collaboration item between the TV anime “Dragon Ball” based on Akira Toriyama and Thank You Mart will be on sale at each store including online Thank You Mart from mid-February.

This is the fourth collaboration between “Dragon Ball” and Thank You Mart. A total of 28 items such as tote bags, pouches, iPhone cases, and stickers sold only at stores will be available. For the first time, each character’s plainclothes design was adopted. Vegeta with a flashy color scheme of pink shirt and yellow pants, Goku in a casual jacket style in a scene where you spend a relaxing time with your family in front of a cell game, Trunks, Android No. 17, Android The illustration of No. 18 is used for each goods.

To commemorate the release of the latest movie ” Dragon Ball Super Super Hero ” on April 22, a campaign to win original movie goods and collaboration items will be held from February 10. Details will be announced on the official Instagram and official Twitter of Thank You Mart.

Source: natalie