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Doraemon’s favorite food appears in “Gretel’s Kamado”

Dorayaki from Fujiko F. Fujio ‘s “Doraemon” will be featured on the cooking variety show “Gretel’s Kamado” which will be broadcast on NHK E-Tele from 22:00 on June 13.

“Gretel’s Kamado” where Koji Seto’s “15s Hansel” and Midoriko Kimura’s magical Kamado challenge to make sweets while introducing a drama related to sweets. 

In this broadcast, we will take up Doraemon’s favorite food, Dorayaki, and unravel the key to making red bean paste made from red beans, which has supported Japanese food culture for a long time, together with Naoyuki Yanagihara, a sect of the Edo Kaiseki. In addition, Daikichi Hakata, who loves “Doraemon”, also appears.

Link: “Doraemon’s Dorayaki” –Gretel’s Kamado– NHK

Source: natalie