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“Doraemon” releases a mini playing card to commemorate the movie “Doraemon Nobita’s Space War”

To commemorate the release of ” Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Space War 2021 ” on March 4, the “Doraemon” fair will be held from February 19th tomorrow at bookstores nationwide where you can get mini playing cards.

All six types of “Doraemon funny little playing cards” were prepared as novelties. By theme such as “Familiar secret tools” and “Name lines that touch your heart”, various original cuts such as famous scenes that everyone knows well, characters, and items that are a little maniac were used.

In addition, this time, one type of secret and one type of “Hit!” Are lined up, and “Hit!” Is a specification that has been processed with glitter. Playing cards are about 4 cm long and have a size that makes them easy to carry around. You can play at any time during a short waiting time. If you purchase a book or related book with the target sticker at a bookstore participating in the fair, you will receive one set for each novelty. Detailed information such as fair participating bookstores and target books is posted on the official website “Doraemon Channel”.

Link: Doraemon Funny Little Trump Lottery-Doraemon Channel

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