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“Doraemon” official app was released on December 1st

“Doraemon” official app “Doraemon Channel” was released on December 1st, which is Fujiko F. Fujio’s birthday.

“Doraemon Channel” icon

“Doraemon Channel” updates daily with the latest information about “Doraemon” such as movies, goods, events, and campaigns. 

In addition to distributing one episode of anime and manga for free every week, a new paid membership system “Almighty Pass” with a monthly fee of 550 yen will be introduced to provide services such as unlimited viewing of anime and unlimited reading of manga. 

Furthermore, from January 2022, the “Movie Doraemon” series is scheduled to be distributed. In addition, various functions will be added, such as special videos delivered live, sales of original goods limited to apps, and coupon distribution.

Source: natalie