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“Detective Conan Zero no Nichijou” will start broadcast in April 2022

The broadcast and distribution start time of the anime ” Detective Conan Zero no Nichijou (Tea Time) ” will be decided in April. It was also revealed that it will be broadcast on Yomiuri TV, TOKYO MX, and BS Nippon Television.

Based on the official spin-off work of “Detective Conan”, “Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life” depicts the daily life of Toru Amuro, who has a public security, detective, and black organization and three faces (triple face). Along with the announcement of the broadcast information, a key visual depicting the three figures of Amuro was released. In addition , comments arrived from Toru Furuya , who played the role of Amuro. 

He said, “I’m very happy that the leading role in the TV anime has been 14 years since Casshern Sins. I want to play the true face of an elite public security investigator with his shoulders relaxed.”

In addition, information on staff and theme songs will be announced. Directed by Satoshi Kosaka, series composition and screenplay by Yoshiko Nakamura, character design by Kyoko Yoshimi, music by TOMISIRO, and animation production by Toms Entertainment. The opening theme song is RAKURA “Shooting Star” and the ending theme song is Rainy. It was decided to “Find the truth”.

Check out the video:

Animated decision! 
“Detective Conan Criminal Criminal Sawa” “Detective Conan Zero Everyday” Special News PV

Anime “Detective Conan Zero Everyday”

Broadcast information

Yomiuri TV, TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television: Broadcast starts in April 2022

Delivery information

Netflix: Distribution start in April 2022

Website: “Detective Conan Zero Everyday (Tea Time)” Official Website

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