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Detective Conan World reveals details of all attractions at Universal Studios Japan!

A new visual of “Detective Conan World” based on Gosho Aoyama’s “Detective Conan”, which will be held at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka from March 4th to August 28th, has arrived.

In the real escape game “Detective Conan the Escape-Halloween’s Illusion-“, which is one of the attractions, the original story will be the same as the movie version ” Detective Conan Halloween Bride ” is developed. The guest is suddenly involved in the incident and challenges the escape of death with Conan and other characters. Key persons Rei Furuya, Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato appear in a real cast. In addition, screen images and live performances will be unfolded in front of you, allowing guests to experience a new mystery-solving style.

“Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ride” is an original story in which a guest follows a helicopter of a criminal group with Conan. The guest boarded Furuya’s favorite car, RX-7, as a new detective of the public security police, and was involved in an incandescent car chase by his driving technique. Enjoy the voices, sound effects, and BGM of the characters you hear in your ears, along with the dynamic speed of the ride.

The “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant” is set in the “Fleur de Saison” restaurant, which boasts top-notch French cuisine and the mystery hidden in the cuisine. An original story will be unfolded in which Takagi and Sato are invited to the pre-opening, and Toru Amuro, who helps the restaurant as a clerk at Cafe Poirot, and guests can solve the mystery while actually tasting French cuisine.

Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Toyama, George Kojima, Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Ai Haibara will appear in the “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge” that will lead you to solve the case while actually visiting the park. The guest goes around the park, and with the help of the detective boys, solves the case by relying on the materials. In the ending show where the truth of the incident is revealed, Heiji and Kazuha will perform live entertainment.

Source: Universal Studios Japan , natalie