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“DETECTIVE CONAN THE MOVIE Exhibition-Memoirs of the Silver Screen”

The key visuals and exhibition contents of the large-scale exhibition “DETECTIVE CONAN THE MOVIE Exhibition-Memoirs of the Silver Screen-” based on the theme of the movie “Detective Conan” series based on the original work by Gosho Aoyama has been released.

In the key visual, Conan who looks at this appears with the catchphrase “Experience the world of the movie version!”. The hall is composed of areas from “ACT1” to “ACT4”, and you can enjoy the world view of the movie version “Detective Conan” with various gimmicks and productions. In “ACT1” and “ACT2”, in addition to the original introduction movie area of ​​the exhibition, the exhibition area of ​​the famous scenes and famous lines of the movie version “Detective Conan” is released. 

An image of the introduction inside the venue.

Also, in the main area “ACT3”, you can enjoy the experience unique to a real event with exhibitions that reproduce famous scenes and various video productions. In the “Detective Conan Clockwork Skyscraper” area, a photo spot that reproduces the famous scenes of Ran and Conan is set up. In the “Detective Conan Zero Enforcer” area, you can experience the thrilling drive scene of Toru Amuro, and in the “Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist” area, you can experience a battle with the phantom thief Kid. Furthermore, in the “Detective Conan Pure Black Nightmare” area, you can become a keel and take a picture with Bourbon’s “Character Color Object”

Image of the movie version “Detective Conan Clockwork Skyscraper” corner in the venue.

In addition, “ACT4” develops projection mapping. Visitors can enjoy the world of the movie “Detective Conan” on a 360-degree screen and an immersive experience-based theater. In addition, items using the movie version of the scene cut and original goods using the event visual will be sold in the hall. There will also be an audio guide to listen to Conan’s retrospective. Tickets will go on sale at 20:00 on March 18th. 

Those who purchase the “ticket with original bromide” will receive 5 kinds of exhibition original bromide at random.

Tokyo venue held at the Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference in Tokyo from April 30th to June 12th, there will be traveling exhibitions in Aichi / Nagoya, Ishikawa, Hokkaido / Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Niigata. It is also decided that it will be done. In addition, in commemoration of the exhibition and the release of ” Detective Conan Halloween Bride “, the past work of the movie version “Detective Conan” will be screened at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi, Tokyo from April 1st to 14th.

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