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“Detective Conan” released 100th volume

Gosho Aoyama “Detective Conan” Volume 100 was released on October 18th.

When the 100th volume was released, Aoyama sent thank-yous to the fans who have continued to support us for more than a quarter of a century! Thank you!

“Special extra newspaper” of “Detective Conan”.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the statue of Conan Edogawa, who disappeared from the front of Yomiuri TV in Osaka on September 7, went to London, England, where the statue of Sherlock Holmes, which is Conan’s longing existence, stands. Details of how Conan made a “report of over 100 volumes” to Holmes can be found in the “Special Extra Newspaper” that can be downloaded from the “Detective Conan Volume 100 Special Site”. In addition, the result of “Detective Conan Stray / Criminal Voting” was also released in the extra.

In addition, a TV commercial commemorating the 100th volume will be on air from today. The contents are such that the scenes so far are projected on the glasses worn by Conan. 

Conan Edogawa’s official Twitter account (@conan_file) is updating daily videos that look back on the scenes in which the popular characters in the works first appeared.

 Also, there is a huge advertisement of about 22 meters appears in the underground passage near the A0 / A1 exit in the direction of Dogenzaka on the B2 floor of Shibuya Station on the Denen-Toshi Line. 

There are 100 Conan who decorated the covers of 1 to 100 volumes of books. Advertisements will be posted until October 24th. In addition, when you hold your smartphone over “Detective Conan” or a spin-off book, Conan’s characters will appear, and the AR project “100 Secret Story” that unfolds a “secret story” that can only be heard here will start today.  Aoyama completely supervises the script and deformed characters, and more than 40 characters reveal 100 kinds of “secret stories”. All character voices have been recorded.

Weekly Shonen Sunday No. 47 (Shogakukan) released on October 20th comes with a 100-volume cover. Aoyama’s autographed comments are printed on the cover. Today, Mayuko Kanba’s “Detective Conan Criminal Criminal Sawa-san”, which is a spin-off of “Detective Conan”, and Takahiro Arai‘s ” Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life (Tea Time)” were released at the same time.

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