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“Death Note” blended tea

Blended tea with the image of Light Yagami, Ryuk, L, and Misa Amane appearing in Takeshi Obata ‘s “DEATH NOTE” based on Tsugumi Ohba will be released from the tea salon Giniro Neko Cafe, which has its main store in Ginza, Tokyo.

“Light Yagami” is a refreshingly clear Darjeeling black tea with lemon peel that spreads sourness, bittersweet laurel (bay leaf), and refreshing shell ginger, giving it a deep yet refreshing taste. “Ryuk” is an Assam tea with a mellow taste, by using spicy ginger and sharp juniper berries, you can enjoy a light but dry flavor. “L”, which is based on Ceylon tea with astringency, contains vanilla flavor that melts softly, coconut with mellowness, and white konpeito. “Misa Amane” expresses her lovely love by adding the scent of sweet and sour strawberry and Franboise.

“Light Yagami” from “DEATH NOTE” blended tea & Tea leaves of “Light Yagami”.

The price is 1944 yen including tax for a can package containing 7 tea bags and 2500 yen each including tax for a pouch package containing 15 tea bags. Pre-sale will start on September 15th at the Ginza main store of the silver cat cafe. General sales will start on September 22 at stores that handle products from the Silver Cat Cafe. The 15-piece pouch package is only available at the Ginza main store and online shop of the Silver Cat Cafe. In addition, the Silver Cat Cafe will offer blended tea from September 15th to November 15th.


Source: natalie