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Cosplay Matsuri Online 2020

The year isn’t over yet as we bring you ⛩️Cosplay Matsuri Online (OFFICIAL)⛩️! With tons of Exciting Activities like the Cosplay Karaoke Online, Cosplay Mask•Charades and Cosplay Karaoke (Cosplay Matsuri 2020), Cosplay Academy, and so much more that you can enjoy at the comfort and safety of your own homes. We also have a ??????? ????? and he is none other than Kael Pk of Thailand so don’t miss this chance to join the Ultimate Online Cos*Experience!

Cosplay Matsuri Online 2020 will be held online at on December 19-20, 2020. Ticket details and further information about the event will be announced soon so stay tuned to our social media accounts to learn more.

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