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Cosplay Academy Online – Make-Up Edition

Prepare for some Make Up Madness as special guest Geneva guides you through the wonderland of make up transformation in Cosplay Academy in this month’s Eggstravaganza! Go through the looking glass as you transport yourself through this dazzling adventure on April 10, 2021!

?????? ?????? ???? debuts in April with Eggstravaganza where you can go whiffling through the tulgey wood in a wonderland of adventure! Discover this brand new world, but don’t be late for a very important date!

Tickets are now available for Cosplay Academy for as little as P100 for a limited time! Join Geneva as she guides you through the wonderland of make up transformation! Regular ticket prices are P150, so hurry and SAVE P50 today! Buy your tickets now at this link:

Course Outline

  1. Understand the usage of the different products in application to the make-up routine.
  2. Learn various make-up techniques that can be applied to any gender.
  3. Combine different elements into a coherent aesthetic.
  4. Create different artistic looks with the knowledge gained throughout this event.

Post-Event Survey

About Geneva

Geneva, a cosplayer since 2016, has won various cosplay competitions and awards including Best Female Cosplayer at the Otaku Choice Awards 2019 and FanFes Online Cosplay Hi-Five Grand Champion 2020. She has also partnered with Globe Telecom, Lynelle Hair Fashion, Ultrakappu Milk Tea, Sandaya Yakiniku, and other organizations for their advertising projects as well as being an OtaCutE Ambassador and Talent. She is also a Bigo live streamer for Makeup Transformation and Tutorials.

For Cosplay Academy, she has developed an original course that you’ve never seen before and will be exclusive to Cosplay Academy so you won’t want to miss it! You can also ask your questions in Cosplay Academy and learn from the best!


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