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“Collar x Malice – Deep Cover” released a teaser trailer

A teaser trailer and second key visual for the movie “Collar x Malice -deep cover-” have been released.

In the teaser trailer, which will be released for the first time in the anime video, characters such as Aji Yanagi, Mineo Enomoto, Takeru Sasazuka, Kei Okazaki, and Kageyuki Shiraishi are introduced along with their lines., voiced by Kaede Hondo, and the original movie character Mitsuru Juwa, voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, have also been lifted. Along with the release of the video, an anime version visual of 16 characters has also been released. by Mai Hanamura, shows Yanagi and Hoshino, who has a chain around their neck, holding a pistol back to back. Behind the street vision of the main characters, Sumiwa and a mysterious boy are drawn in a large, meaningful piece.

In addition, the ending song is in charge of both the first and second parts by the visual rock band Kizu, which also serves as the theme song for the same work. It has been revealed that the first part will be titled “Sleepless City” and the second part will be “Eighteen”. In addition, “Theatrical Version Collar x Malice -deep cover- Original Sound Collection” will be released on June 21st. As a bonus, Animate and each come with a bromide, Rakuten Books comes with a clear poster, and Stella Worth comes with a tin badge.

Character visual of “Theatrical version Collar x Malice -deep cover-“.

“Theatrical version Collar x Malice -deep cover-” is an anime based on the adventure game “Collar x Malice” released in 2016. It is a love suspense story that begins when Hoshino, a police officer, is attacked by someone who puts a poisoned collar on him. The story unfolds as Hoshino confronts the incident, including men who are independently chasing a series of violent cases, and an inspector dispatched by the Metropolitan Police Department, Shuwa.

Animation image ban! “Theatrical version Collar x Malice -deep cover-” teaser notice

“Theatrical version Collar x Malice -deep cover-“

Part 1 release date: May 26, 2023 (Fri)
Part 2 release date: June 23, 2023 (Fri)


Original: Otomate (Idea Factory/Design Factory)
Director: Hiroshi Watanabe
Sayaka Harada Character draft: Mai Hanamura
Character design: Yukiko Ban
Art director: Masakazu Miyake Music Production: Avex Pictures Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya Sound Production: Studio Mausu Animation Production: Studio Dean Distribution: Avex Pictures Production: Collar x Malice Production Committee