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Collaboration cafe with the theme of “BANANA FISH” and “NY night” in Japan

The collaboration cafe of the TV anime “BANANA FISH” based on Akimi Yoshida will be open from November 25th to January 16th, 2022 at the Omotesando Hills store in Tokyo, and from December 2nd to January 30th, 2022 at BOX cafe & space Umeda. Held at the Loft store.

At “BANANA FISH Cafe and Bar -New York Night-“, we prepare dishes related to the roots of New York and the characters, which is also the stage of the work, with the theme of “Night in New York”. 

As a food menu, “Main dish of his night”, which is the image of the dinner of the 9th episode “Waltz is with me”, will be offered. There is also a dessert menu and a drink menu inspired by Ash, Eiji, and Shorter.

Every time you order one drink from Ash and the others, you will get one coaster for each. In addition, a Christmas menu and a New Year menu, which are limited-time menus, will be released.

Limited goods are sold at the official online shops of stores and cafes. Goods such as acrylic stands and acrylic boards with illustrations drawn by Ash, Eiji, and Shorter, as well as goods such as acrylic badges, blister plates, and glasses with the motif of New York’s retro neon signs are on sale. 

Please note that all items are limited in quantity.

Advance reservations are being accepted on the cafe’s official website. For those who have made a reservation in advance and ordered the menu at the store, one of all eight types of paper ornaments will be randomly distributed as a privilege.

Source: natalie