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“Chainsaw Man x Super Groupies” Collaboration

Tatsuki Fujimoto “Chainsaw Man” fashion items with the motifs of Denji, Makima, Aki Hayakawa, and Power will be released as a made-to-order product from Super Groupies.

The entire dial of the Denji model wristwatch is surrounded by a chainsaw blade, and only the 4 o’clock index is gold because he belongs to the Public Security vs. Demon Singularity Division 4. There is also an English translation of “You can die if you want to continue this life.” His hair color, yellow, was also added as an accent.

The Makima model wristwatch has an impressive design with a circular chain. Like Denji, only the index at 4 o’clock has a different color, and bright red is selected. In addition, an English translation of “This is an order” has been placed, and the silhouette of the dog is engraved on the back cover. The genuine leather belt has a braid-like design reminiscent of her hairstyle.

Aki Hayakawa’s backpack comes with a cigarette-shaped plate engraved with the words “Easy revenge!”. The back is casually embossed with a “nail sword”. The interior is made of tie-dye-style textiles and has an open pocket inspired by a letter written by senior Himeno. The Power model’s wallet has silver studs reminiscent of her teeth. The red puller has the image of a weapon, and the card pocket is embossed with the appearance of Nyako, who is taken care of by power, and the English translation of “Grovel Human !!”.

Reservations will be accepted from March 28th to April 18th today, and the products will be shipped sequentially from the end of August. In addition, from 12:30 on March 29, live distribution will be performed on the official Instagram of Super Groupies, and the staff will introduce some of the products.

Link: “Chainsaw Man” collaboration watches, bags, wallets (12 types in total)

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