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“Cells at Work” Mystery Solving event to Defeat the mutant virus

A participatory puzzle-solving event “Escape from the world infected by a mutant virus” in collaboration with the TV anime “Cells at Work!” based on Akane Shimizu will start on April 22 in eight cities nationwide, starting with the Tokyo Real Escape Game Harajuku store.

In “Escape from the World Infested with Mutant Virus”, the player participates as a new cell working in the human body. In the world of the body where a new type of influenza virus suddenly appeared, a mystery to find out the mission to supply oxygen to the whole body and the clue to produce influenza antibody while cooperating with the characters who appeared in the animation such as senior red blood cells and white blood cells. 

Original goods will be sold at the venue. In addition to can badges and acrylic key chains that use newly drawn deformed illustrations, the lineup includes “Ramune with glucose with red blood cells” and “Clear file with mystery” that you can enjoy solving mysteries at home. Every time you purchase a total of 2000 yen, you will receive a “postcard” that uses the main visual. Tickets are currently on sale, and advance tickets with limited-edition goods inspired by the oxygen box that appears in “Cells at Work!” Are also available.

“Escape from the world infected with mutant virus”

Date: April 22nd (Friday) -June 26th (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Real Escape Game Harajuku Store
* Scheduled to be held in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, Sendai, Okayama, and Yokohama

Link: [Official] Real Escape Game x Working Cells “Escape from the World Infested with Mutant Virus”

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