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BUMP OF CHICKEN arena tour goods released, collaboration “Sumikko Gurashi”

The key visual and goods lineup for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s arena tour “BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR 2023 be there”, which starts on February 11, has been released.

VERDY, who has been working with BUMP OF CHICKEN in recent years, designed the key visuals and goods. Acceptance of order sales items started today on February 8th.

“BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR 2023 be there” key visual

In addition, collaboration items with “Sumikko Gurashi” will also appear in the tour goods this time. This is a project that was born when BUMP OF CHICKEN provided the theme song “Small world” for “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Aoi Tsukiyo no Maho no Ko ” to be released in 2021. It is an item with a special design that adds

In addition to being sold at the tour venue, these goods are also scheduled to be sold on the band’s official mail order site after the tour ends.

source: natalie