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BoA featured in “Everything Needs Love” from MONDO GROSSO best album

The music video for “Everything Needs Love feat. BoA (RE-NEW JP)” has been released on YouTube from the all-time best album “MONDO GROSSO OFFICIAL BEST” released by MONDO GROSSO on November 3rd.

“Everything Needs Love feat. BoA” is a single released in 2002 and is a number featuring BoA who was 15 years old at the time. The new version of the best album was recorded again by BoA with Japanese lyrics after 19 years. 

The music video is produced by Jordan Freda, who works on Katy Perry’s footage, NIKE, BMW, Mercedes Benz advertising videos, and visual effects for the movie The Amazing Spider-Man. BEN LAM, an animation artist living in Los Angeles, USA, participated in this work, which is a homage to Japanese animation in the 1980s.

In addition, YouTube is also releasing a trailer for listening to all songs of the best album.

MONDO GROSSO / Everything Needs Love feat. BoA (RE-NEW JP)

YouTube: avex

Source: natalie