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Black & Rock to release lottery goods of “BLEACH”

The online lottery “BLACK & ROCK”, will release the goods of the TV anime “BLEACH” based on the original work by Tite Kubo , will be on sale at the lottery hall from 12:00 on October 7th to 11:59 on 28th.

Illustrations drawn by Ichigo Kurosaki, Byakuya Kuchiki, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and Grimmjow Jaguar Jack, who are dressed in stylish black-based clothing, are used for each lottery goods. 

“Choice of life-size cloth poster” for the S prize, “Mofumofu blanket” for the A prize, “Acrylic stand figure” for the B prize, “Acrylic key chain” for the C prize, “Mini colored paper” for the D prize, E The “76mm can badge” was lined up for the award.

In addition, a “heart-shaped can badge” will be given to those who purchase the “10-series set” of the lottery. The design varies depending on the period, from 12:00 on October 7th to 11:59 on 18th, a can badge designed by Ichigo or Grimmjow, and from 12:00 on October 18th to 11:59 on 28th, Hitsugaya. Or you will be given a can badge designed by Byakuya. In addition, an “accessory stand” will be presented to those who purchase the “20-unit set”. And on the official Twitter of Kujibikido (@kujibikido), a follow & retweet campaign is being held until 11:59 on October 28, and 10 people will be given “Mini Shikishi 4 people ver.” By lottery.

In addition, all four types of set rings that imitate what Ichigo and his friends are wearing in the newly drawn illustrations are on sale at until 23:59 on October 28th. comes with an illustration card as a purchased privilege for each ring.

Here are the Goods: