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Asian Kung Fu Generation releases their 10th album “Planet Forks”

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION ‘s 10th original album “Planet Forks” will be released on March 30th.

This album will contain 14 new songs, including existing songs such as “Empathy,” “Flowers,” “I Want To Touch You,” and “Dororo.” The first limited edition comes with a Blu-ray, which shows the live “ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 25th Anniversary Tour 2021” Quarter-Century “at Billboard Live TOKYO” held at Billboard Live TOKYO in Tokyo last November. Will be recorded with audio commentary by the members.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

“You To You (feat. ROTH BART BARON)” featuring Masaya Mifune ( ROTH BART BARON ) as a guest performer,  including the theme song “Empathy” of the animated movie ” My Hero Academia THE MOVIE World Heroes Mission “. , Rachel ( chelmico ) and OMSB ( SIMI LAB ) participated in “Starry Night, Hikari no Machi (feat. Rachel & OMSB)”, and Moeka Shiozuka ( sheep literature ) featured guest “I want to touch (feat. Shiozuka) Contains 14 songs such as “Moeka)”. GuruConnect ( skillkills ) is in charge of producing and arranging the two songs “Hoshi no Yoru, Hikari no Machi (feat. Rachel & OMSB)” and “Be Alright”.


01. You To You (feat. ROTH BART BARON )
02. Liberation Zone
03. Dororo
04. Empathy
05. Dialogue
06. De Arriba
07. Flowers
08. Starry Night, Hikari no Machi (feat. Rachel & OMSB )
09. Touch I Want To Touch You (feat. Moeka Shiotsuka)
10. Rain Sound
11. Gimme Hope
12. C’mon
13. Review
14. Be Alright


source: natalie