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Aniporium Grand Launch Tantalizes with Anime Goods at Bargain Prices

Anime fandom can be a very expensive hobby. With all the different collectibles available from figurines to wall scrolls to stuffed toys, surrounding yourself with the iconic imagery of your favorite anime can take a heavy toll on your wallet.

Fortunately, Aniporium is here to help with a wide range of anime collectibles at prices that are beyond competitive. By unifying procedures for importing to the Philippines, Aniporium enjoys much lower shipping costs, allowing them to provide anime goods at the same price as you would find them in Japan. Most importantly, you can be sure that all the merchandise available at Aniporium are officially licensed goods.

The Grand Launch started at 4:00PM last May 27, 2022 at their flagship store located at 928 A. Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati City. To the delight of the event-goers, Aniporium provided a 50% discount on select items and even Gatcha, small toys in capsules, at prices as low as 2 for P50! In addition, the first 100 customers were also treated to 20% off their purchases.

Fans and media partners including were treated to an intimate gathering where they could share their love of anything anime. Tons of anime merchandise were on display, and many rare finds mysteriously found their way into our shopping bags (imagine that.)

All in all, the Aniporium Grand Launch was a smashing success where fans of anime could indulge their love of collectibles without breaking the bank. It’s also the launch pad for many things to come, and many ways that anime fans can shop confidently and conveniently.

To find out more about Aniporium and their vast array of anime merchandise, visit their website at or check out their Facebook page at