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2024: Year of Innovation for Exhibitors!

Get ready for an exciting year at our events! We’re kicking off 2024 with a commitment to enhancing your exhibitor experience. We’ve been brainstorming ways to make showcasing your creations even more rewarding and engaging for you and your fans.

Mark your calendars for Cosplay Carnival 2024, our first event of the year! This is where we’ll be testing some exciting new ideas specifically designed to boost your booth traffic and sales. You may check out what ideas that we have in store below, and we can promise an experience that fosters deeper connections with attendees and fellow exhibitors.

Ready to be part of something special? Register your vendor account and secure your booth space at Cosplay Carnival 2024! Don’t let concerns about pricing hold you back. We understand the importance of affordability, and we’re committed to providing value for your investment.

Join us for a year of innovation and growth!

FanFair Flags

To improve visibility in our FanFair area, we are planning to implement signage in the form of flags. 

Each block will have a flag that will have Block No. on it.

Interactive Map

Floor plans that will be posted on our website will now be interactive.

Eventgoers will now easily locate your booth location by interacting with the floor plan. When an event goer clicks on a booth in the floor plan, it will show your booth information like booth name and a link to your FanMart Store or any preferred link that you provide with us.

Sample Interactive Floor Plan

Online Product Brochure and Inventory System

Showcasing and promoting the products that you will be selling at events will now be easier.

Aside from having your FanMart store as your product brochure and as an inventory system, you can also conduct selling through the platform.

Have your customers choose to have it picked up at the event (free pickup) or have it shipped to them (exhibitor will select their preferred shipping service).

Generate sales even before the event starts!

This service is optional.

ID lanyards

Exhibitor ID lanyards will be making a comeback this year to be made available to all exhibitors and sponsors.

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