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1st Anniversary fair of the anime “SK ∞”

A fair commemorating the 1st anniversary of the broadcast of the TV anime “SK∞ SK8” is being held at the bones store, the official online shopping site of Bonds, until February 13.

“Acrylic stand (8 types)”

Along with the fair, illustrations drawn by Kyoku, Langa, Miya, Shadow, Kaoru, Torajiro, Ainosuke, and Tadashi’s Hakama Haori arrived. The bones store is accepting reservations for goods using the illustrations drawn. The lineup of goods includes clear files, acrylic stands, heart-shaped trading can badges, and life-sized tapestries, and the products will be delivered in late March.

Also, during the fair period, if you purchase the target product at the bones store for 3000 yen or more including tax, you will receive one bonus illustration card for each transaction. For the postcard-sized card, an illustration drawn by character designer and animation director Michinori Chiba was used.

Online Store: “SK∞ SK8” Anime Broadcast 1st Anniversary Fair | bones store

Source: natalie