Genshin Impact: Character Stickers

30.00 VAT


I have drawn and reproduce this product on my own. I do not condone or allow any reselling or re-production of the following items outside of my shopee store. If items are found being sold anywhere else but here, kindly report. Thanks.

Your favorite characters of Genshin impact can now be placed into your laptop/cellphone/notebook (why not?).
Here are the list of characters that are now available:
– Keqing
– Diluc
– Qiqi
– Mona
– Fischl
– Beidou
– Razor
– Childe
– Klee
– Chongyun
– Zhongli
– Nigguang
– Xiao

New Items:
– Bennett
– Ganyu
– Jean
– Paimon

Vinyl sticker
Glittered laminated
Water resistant
2 – 3 inches

*NOT weather-proof. Don’t stick them on your car’s windows :”D


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