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Conquering the Catwalk

By Pablo Bairan

One of the most distinct and difficult aspects of cosplay in the Philippines is the catwalk. For some, this nerve-wracking experience is often intimidating, and the possibility of embarrassment tends to dissuade beginners. There are, however, tips and tricks that a cosplayer can use in order to improve his or her performance on stage, as well as diminish the possibility of an untoward incident.

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Cosplay Etiquette: Stating the Obvious

We’re all part of a small community of people who enjoy a certain hobby that might be considered silly by the rest of the great big world. There are those who look down on us as a faction of humanity that rejects reality and likes to prance around in costumes from fantasy worlds. Words like that don’t matter as long as we manage to have fun, which is the main reason people cosplay and attend conventions. But if this little hobby is going to be a source of drama and conflict then we’re really going to look pathetic – like a gathering of the socially-inept. Let’s show the world that we’re still capable of being respectable human beings!

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Final TORCH 3 Preliminaries this weekend at SM City Manila

Who will be the last champion pair to be crowned?

The Cosplay Tournament of Champions 3: Third Impact! returns to SM City Manila on September 22, 2012 for the last preliminary leg.

This is your last chance to cheer for your favorite cosplay pairs as they fight for the chance to compete in Cosplay Mania and represent the country in the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships in Singapore in November!  This is also your last chance to grab the opportunity, the glory, and the chance to be the next cosplay champion!  So head on over to SM City Manila on September 22 to shine and compete!

If you don’t have a partner, don’t despair!  Join the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix happening on the same day!  Come in your favorite video game character costume and win great prizes!

All winners of the preliminary legs will compete in the Grand Finals on September 29-30, 2012 at Cosplay Mania ’12 in the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Manila.


The Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Third Impact is made possible by: Cosplay.ph, SM Supermalls, Cyberzone I.T.’s all here, Brother International Philippines Corporation, Sony and Animax, our regional media partner. We would also like to thank ES Printmedia, Avira, Mikubook.com, Audio Technica and Anime Festival Asia. TORCH 3 is also supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC).


Cosplaying and the Law: how not to get in trouble

By eva_guy01, reprint from his blog.


Cosplaying your favorite character has always been the basis for dressing up in conventions, but there are times where some people may have stepped over the line without knowing it. Fun as it may seem, there are certain cosplays that may get you into trouble, and here are some tips to get you as far away from, the very least, an embarrassment, and the worst being jail term.
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