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ACX 2016 – Trivia Throne Throwdown

Trivia Throne Throwdonw is a fun, head-to-head trivia competition for up to twenty (20) registered contestants. The last contestant who registers becomes the initial Holder of the Throne. The other registered contestants must them try to dethrone him or her by challenging them to a Trial by Trivia. The last contestant seated on the Throne is the winner of the contest.
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TORCH 7 Manila Qualifiers

The Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH), in its 7th year, will launch a region-based championship where the Regional Champions are selected by Regional Representatives. These Regional Representatives will be responsible for selecting their Regional Champions from a list of hopefuls who they will then train and hone them to best represent, not only their region, but also the Regional Representatives themselves.

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ACX 2016 – Solo Cosplay Catwalk

Solo Cosplay Catwalk is a fast, furious cosplay competition streamlined to be as simple and quick as possible. It is FREE to register and join the contest although the contestant must pay the entrance fee of Anime and Cosplay eXpo (ACX.) There are no reference picture requirements and the contest will focus mostly on the merit of the costume and their short stage performance. Only a maximum of 100 cosplayers will be accepted for registration. The overall winner will advance to the Cosplay Mania Cup 2016 to compete for a prize pool of P100,000 CASH while other stand-outs like Best Performance, Best Craftsmanship, Best Hair & Makeup, etc. will be given special prizes.

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Anime NOW site launched!

The Tokyo-based Anime Consortium Japan Inc. will begin offering anime-related information to overseas fans through their “ANIME NOW!” website (, starting on June 22 (Wed). This website is the first of its kind, providing information about Japanese anime straight from Japan to fans overseas, and is expected to attract over one million active monthly users with various services.
[Anime Consortium Japan Inc. is located in Tokyo’s Minato-ku, CEO Shin Unozawa.]
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Cosplay Karaoke Encore Rules and Guidelines

You heard it first at Cosplay Carnival, but now Cosplay Karaoke Encore is raising the bar and sending the winner to Japan! Using a Joysound Karaoke System, you’ll literally have thousands of songs to choose from, but which one will win you the gold?   

 There will be two Elimination Rounds (on September 2 and September 3) where the Top 3 winners from each Elimination Round advancing to the Encore Round on September 4. The champion will go on to Japan and be the official Philippine Representative.

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